Wednesday, June 20, 2012

so as a buzz agent I get to try out new products and tell the world what I think. Well this month I got to try there all new ball park Flame Grilled patties. they are frozen fully cooked burgers that can  go from frozen to meal in about 60 seconds. well I have never been a huge burger fan but you know who is........ yeah my husband so He tried them and was inpresed by the quality. So as an agent I could not have reported truthfully without trying them myself and I have to say I was surprised by the flavor it was really good.My kids loved them, We even served them to friends who came over for a BBQ party and they all agreed Ball park patties were quality burgers. I cant say I have been converted into a burger lover but I would not hate it if I had to eat them again.  So for a quick on the run meal Ball park patties are a pretty good choice.  we tried the regular flavor not the cheese  but I think I will get the cheese for my husband to try next time I go shopping as men are easier to feed then understand!!!!!!!

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