Tuesday, September 25, 2012

hey everyone I got a new bzz for you.
This time I got a free sample of

COVERGIRL & OLAY   Luminous coverage for ageless, radiant looking skin. 

I received both the foundation and pressed powder from bzz agent. My job is to try it out and tell them what I think and share my expirence with others as well. I really hate thick or heavy makeup and like a very natural look. I think the secret to wearing make up is to look like you are not wearing makeup. I was happy with covergirl as it is not too tick and it feels very moistureizing. I do not use a foundation every day but when I need one this is a great option. The pressed powder is something I can and will use daily. it is also light and not cakey. it does not have an unpleasant odor like some powders do and the cover is very even.  for me this set of products is a successs.

Monday, September 10, 2012

has anyone tried this new unreal candy line. It is candy unjunked it is more pure less additives and delicious. I am a bzz agent which means I got a coupon for a free candy product and some buy one get one free coupons to give away. It was not easy to find cvs is having a hard time keeping this candy stocked but I did finally find it this weekend so I got 3 bags of the unreal41 which is the candy coated chocolate. they were very good and My children loved them also. Less guilt about giving  kids candy as it is void of all the extra junk.  cant wait to try the other varities when I can find them in the store..