Sunday, December 30, 2012

free party like its 2013 kit

I have a new freebie kit for everyone. Party like its 2013!!!!  I am getting excited for the new year a new start. 2012 was a good year. My family is healthy My friends are close. So what is to come in 2013 I am excited to find out.. We will have our regular small annual HOT TUB NEW YEAR PARTY. The kids will stay up late dance around brave the freezing cold long enough to get into the hot tub and so I of course needed a new festive kit to scrap the pictures with so here it is!! I hope you find it as much fun as I do... enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. What has happend to RAK Scraps????
    Has it been hacked???
    Is it still operating???

  2. Yes the spammers have taken over it got so bad deleting posts and blocking ip addresses became useless. I dont know what is being done by the site owners to update spam controll software but unril they do sonething we are trying to maybe keep the mega kit available but it makes no sense to do any more then that for now. I miss Rak..