Wednesday, November 30, 2011


so I get the pleasure of receiving free samples from buzzagent sometimes and in return I get to tell people about the products. SO my latest free sample was a bag of hills science diet dog food. then muber one ingredient in it is....... chicken real chicken not a bunch of fillers and it has veggied in it and not undigestable corn but veggies with nutrients!! so when i got my new bag of dog food I brought it in the house and set it down on the floor next to the other bag of our regular food and my pupy went crazy. he was pawing at the unopened bag sniffing all around it. he was super excited about this umopened bag of food. It was pretty funny to watch. I was really not expecting such a fun reaction from the dog I would have been happy to just report that he ate the food. so when i actually opened the bag and gave him some he was very happy to eat it ad did not leave any in his bowl. well hills has me sold with high quality foods and puppy loves it!!!!

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