Monday, November 14, 2011

I have been a scrapbooker for a long time. I started paper scrapbooking in1999 after seeing a friends amazing scrapbook. Looking back now I think it is funny to see my first pages. I invested a lot of time and money into it, stopping at the craft store often to look for new things. I collected a whole room full of supplies,papers and tools. Then I had my first child in 2005 and had even more reason to scrapbook but had to give up my scrapbook room for a baby room so my supplies went into a very small space I had more reason to scrap but less time and space to do it.thats when I found RAKSCRAPS. What a wonderful site that is. I really did not know about digital scrapbooking. I did have a scrapbooking software I purchased but I thought it was just for printing frames or embellishments I had no idea how fun digital scrapbooking could be. Rakscraps was my inspiration. They are great and offer free mega kits full of great elements and papers every month. I was excited and told my husband all about it and he said it was cheating and all the money I put into real scrapbooking would be wasted.

So once I discovered digital scrapbooking I had to find the perfect software....... I am a huge comparison shopper so First I tried out some of the free programs available including scrapbook flair (OK but had too many glitches), gimp (free but not for a more advanced program not so easy to learn),
after some trial and error I bought scrapbook factory deluxe. It served its purpose for a while but left me limited as to how much I could do. Then I found my memories suite.
My memories suite is the best scrapbooking software . There is no limit to what you can do with this program. It is very user friendly and easy to learn (my 4 year old loves to make her own pages).my Memories helps everyone creat amazing scrapbooks using templates or your own creations with simple drag and drop features  You can use any scrapbook kits from the my memories site or any other outside content you purchase from other designers or get free from sites like RAKSCRAPS. You can add pictures embellishments, Video and even narration to your pages. (my 4 year old loves adding her own voice to her pages) You can share your pages or whole albums in a variety of ways and make copies for family members. You can download and install this program and be making your first page in a very short period of time and as you progress in your abilities and want to do the more advanced things there video tutorial available online to learn anything new and there is always a friendly person on the my memories facebook page willing to help answer questions or send you a link to the tutorial for the specific thing you are trying to lean. There is also a great community feel to activities and games they offer on their facebook page and EVERYONE is welcomed with open arms. If you are looking for a digital scrapbooking program that will not cost a fortune but will provide you with everything you need to make awesome digital scrapbooks use the code on the side of this page to get 10.00 off the software and it includes a 10.00 coupon code to purchase some additional elements. And don’t forget to join RAKSCRAPS where you get free kits every month as well as lots of fun games and challenges to help keep you inspired.

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