Wednesday, November 11, 2015

hello everyone.
my daughter had a blast making our tutorial on out waterproof cell phone holders. She decided we need to make a series of tutorials of all the fun things we make for Geocache Trade items. I still do not like eeing myself on video but I do like making things and my kids wanted to record it so here is our latest tutorial. Today we made wooden nickels with mickey mouse on them out with just a few simple items. you will nee wooden nickel blanks ( amazon 13.00 for 200) modge podge and napkins any napkins with any item you want to put on your nickles. This is a fun project with the kids, nit expensive and fun to leave as trade items in a geocache or just for the kids to play with. If you dont know what geocaching is please go check it out it is a fun treasure hunting adventure game that is a
-- Separate the napkins so you have just the top ply that has the printed image.

-- Put a thin even layer of modge podge on your wooden nickle

-- place your cut out image onto the nickle

-- cover the top of the image with another thin layer of modge podge
-- pull down on your excess napkin to remove it
-- if there are extra peices of napkin that still needs to be removed on the side just use sandpaper or a nail file to remove. rubbing in a downward motion.

- let dry follow the same steps on the back for a double sided wooden nickle
-- after it is completely dry use a clear glaze ( I use RUST_OLEUM triple thick)
-- let  dry 24 hours
-- turn over and spray the clear glaze on the other side
-- let dry..
to see the video:

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